Miku Sasaki (xemoxnemox) wrote in konoha_rpg,
Miku Sasaki

Joining: Gaara only please
Location: Miku's home then to the park
Time: Mid afternoon
Recap: Having a conversation a while ago about going to the park with Gaara, she still hasn't heard from him about whether he still wanted to go.
Warnings: Nothing really.

Laying on her floor, with scrolls spread out every where Miku studied techniques. Usually she didn't take it from the books when it came to training, she was pretty straight forward but everyone was so busy that she decided to get into mental shape about it.

The laughter of children filled the streets, that of children too young to realize what it was like to be a ninja. They couldn't be much older then six and having the time of their lives pretending to be just like their parents, ninjas, but they didn't seem to get anyway. Yet they were still happy. She smiled to herself remembering how it was for her in Suna, the only difference was there wasn't a kid so hated by others. Gaara. Wow it's been a while since she had talked to him, a couple weeks or so when he was in Konoha sorting stuff with the Hokage. Now he was the Kazekage in Suna and though there were people who were still mean to him, he kept going.

Gosh, it's been forever since I've also been to Suna. Maybe sometime I should go visit him sometime. See what life is like for him now. her thoughts breezed through her mind.
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