Sabaku no Temari (faninthedesert) wrote in konoha_rpg,
Sabaku no Temari

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Joining:  Naruto
Location: Right in front of the Konoha Hotel, heading toward Korean BBQ
Time: Mid-Afternoon
Recap:  Temari has asked Naruto out on a date. She met him at the beach and now they've slipped away to go on their date alone.

Temari changed quickly out of her swimsuit (even though she never got to swim) and threw on new clothes. Her usual black dress, her black heels, the red sash. She paused for a minute in the mirror and wondered if her hair should be up or down. Temari shrugged, figuring who cares? She had almost left the room when she stopped and felt funny. She laughed out loud at how much of an idiot she could be and went back to her bed. Leaning behind the wall stood her giant iron fan. She slung it onto to her back and headed outside. 

There, perfect.
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