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Location: Konoha Inn and then at the nearest lakeside.
Time: From morning till however long everyone can stand each other~
Recap: Aida finally puts her plan to gather information on Gaara into motion- too bad for her she doesn't realize that the Kazekage has never really had a type. Anyone and everyone Aida and Matsuri have met are invited along, of course- so... let's get this (beach)party started~!

Aida knocked on the door she recognized Matsuri's chakra behind, smoothing down the frills on the skirt of her sundress, making sure it didn't catch on the kunai she had hidden under it, and shifted the basket in her hands slightly. What she carried was only a light snack for her and Matsuri though, everything else was already on its way to the lakeside via her summons (who'd been compensated for not eating the food themselves with bribes of Aida's cooking all for them), and she only hoped she didn't have to resort to katon techniques to warm things up if they got cold. She knocked again, excited and impatient and bounced on her heels, her toes tapping against the soles of her sandals in idle rhythm as she waited for the other kunoichi to open the door so they  could get going.
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