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I Need The Seal Checked...! Request Of A Shinobi!

Joining: Tsunade w/Shizune; Open
Location: Tsunade's Office
Time: Mid-morning, afternoon
Recap: Naruto, impatient as always, decides not to wait for Shizune and heads to the Godaime Hokage's office himself to inform her directly about his worries.
Warnings: Possible language, but other than that-who knows what'll happen?

"Why are you trying to put off what is inevitable, brat?! You know it's going to happen regardless of what anyone does; that includes the Godaime Hokage! Even her, with all her medical knowledge and skill, can't do a thing to save you from your destiny!"

"Shut up, you damn Kyūbi! I'll make sure you can't hurt anybody ever again! I wasn't picked as your landlord for nothing, you know!"

Naruto sighed impatiently while banging on the door and tapping his foot repeatedly outside Tsunade's door. After his late outings-the first with Shizune, the other with Matsuri and Gaara-he had overslept! And now that he'd completed his mission without too much complaint, other than from Tsunade, there was nothing to do!

Truthfully...there was one thing he could do, but that meant waiting around like he was doing now! The Genin wasn't entirely known for having patience.

"Gomen, Shizune-neechan...who knows how long this would take if I left it in your hands?! For all I know, Tsunade-baachan's asleep with lots of paperwork around her head! Not to mention the only one I have to keep me company is my tenant!"

"Brat, you should consider yourself grateful! I've ensured your survival ever since you discovered how to tap into my powers; I don't always have to grant it to you, but I do because I want to see how you use it! And when the time comes, we'll destroy this village, anyone who desires to get in our way...and

Naruto sighed loudly while trying to ignore his tenant's ramblings about Sakura. He banged on the door a few more times before snapping his fingers in realization.

"I've done it a couple times before; I can do it again!"

Seconds later, Naruto perched himself back on the windowsill of Tsunade's office, a wide grin on his face.

"There's no way she'll stay asleep now!"

"Brat, your cunning abilities sometimes impress even
me! Ha, ha, ha...!"

"I didn't ask for your gratitude or your opinion! Now shut up; I gotta concentrate!"

Naruto chuckled lightly to himself, took in a deep breath and...

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