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Joining: Closed~ I think.. o_O..
 Location: Random street in Konoha
Time: Late, late night
Recap: The cat had found herself extremely restless. She had never found such a hospitable village - it didn't make sense inside her mind so.. Ponder-time!
Warnings: Swearing, I guess.

The spry female eyed the village after deciding to explore for a bit. She didn't want to put burden on Temari so she chose to just stay out of her temporary home for a bit. Something was keeping her up but she didn't find it as irritating as most people would since she did have a clue as to what was causing her slight insomnia. She usually slept well but Nekomata seemed bothered...

' I have a bad feeling about this place. I liked it better at home.. Those cowardly people. Always looking at us like a disgrace but there's fear in those goddamn eyes. Pitiful...'

Yugito lifted her head and made a sudden leap, landing on the edge of a fence. She squatted a bit, watching the empty street. It was pretty late. She looked up at the broad night sky, stars glittering the navy velvet. She never got to see such sights very often - her priority was living as a weapon and cage. The mind of her superior was not the best - he just desired power... Power.. That's all anyone wants.

'You are so depressing. You shouldn't be thinking about those idiotic people think about how to use your legs if we run into that damn Uchiha Akatsuki man. Lay low, dumb woman...! ' The voice was strict and fierce as usual.

Yugito nodded to herself, really to the beast within, and she let her muscles relax. She was content being here.. She didn't want to leave. Not yet.
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