sake_warden (sake_warden) wrote in konoha_rpg,

Ramen for two

Joining: Naruto and Shizune, closed
Location: Ichiraku's
Time: late afternoon, ending of the "workday"
Recap: Shizune drops in for some take-out on her way home, only to run into the fox-boy she's been worried about.
Warnings: PG-ish, I suppose

Shizune smiled warmly at the blond young man. She houldn't have been surprised to find him here...he was rather infamous for his undying love for the place. But to have stumbled across him just as she'd been mulling over how his recent actions had her a little concerned..."I'd be happy to join you, Naruto-kun."

She gave a quick wave to Ayame behind the counter and asked for her usual as she perched on the stool next to Naruto.

"So how did the mission go, anyway? All I heard was Tsunade-sama going on about expenses."
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