Uchiha Sasuke (uchihaxsasuke) wrote in konoha_rpg,
Uchiha Sasuke

Joining: Tsunade, Open
Location: Tsunade's office
Time: Morning
Recap: Sasuke took the time to write down the plans of Orochimaru's attack and then added a little about his brothers return to take him back.
Warnings: Not sure. Maybe language?

He sat in her office, Tsunade's office, with two scrolls in his hand. One describing Orochimaru's attack plan in whatever detail that he could muster up. The other held what little detail he knew of his brothers return and why he was back.

The early morning sun beamed through her windows behind the large wooden desk with papers scattered every where. He looked at the desk and the walls covered with little posters or pictures as he wondered when she would be here. He knew that she was a very busy woman with a very busy job. He impatiently tapped the arm of the chair waiting for Tsunade's return.

Letting a little time pass by he thought about the kiss he gave to Sakura the other afternoon and how she kissed back. A smile slid across his face with the thought but then he heard some voice outside the door and wiped the smile from his face.

The creak of the door caught his attention and he turned his head to turn around and see...
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