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Joining: Matsuri [CLOSED/ENDED]
Location: Back yard of the Konoha Inn
Time: early afternoon
Recap: Gaara makes time for his patient student. Teaching her something new that may aid her in her solo training.
Warnings: None

A cool breeze swept over the young Kage as the brisk chill of autumn had begun to show signs of change. Leaves where changing color, flowers and plants that surrounded the konoha looked just a fraction darker due to the up coming seasonal shift. It was rather stunning here at this time of year, far different than anything experience in the Desert, for most of the weather had remained constant in it's never changing rough and cruel climate.

It was then another breeze shifted, rustling sound of leaves swaying gently with it as fire red locks had lifted lightly from his forehead. He sat in the grass, still quite green from the passing summer, with his legs crossed over one another, his arms assuming the same position as always across his chest. His icy aqua orbs, accentuated by dark outlines by the mark of his Bijuu, stared hard at the person sitting directly across from him. He had really not meant to come off mean looking like he was about to bite her head off, it was just....the Way he was. She knew him probably better than anyone, with the aside of his siblings so she had known his glare was not to intimidate her. She the first he could really call a friend? Maybe? But she was his student, the single one brave enough to choose him above anyone else, and for that he felt a need offer what he could to move forward.

Her soft spoken voice, timid and mild when she had engaged in any type of conversation with him as if to hide some hidden secret in the depths of that innocent sound. Her features had grown since that time, a few years prior when he had met her at 13 years of age, in to that of strong...woman? The word felt odd to say to be honest.

She had still craved for more...for something she wanted so bad. To know of her motives, to what had given her such a dive of determination in those black eyes to press on, was a mystery he would never come to know until he felt brave enough to ask such a thing. His opinion did not matter, the only concern was to cater to what she had asked of him. To further her training.

"Chakra control is key." He started. "I will teach you to control it better and apply to your strengths."
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