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Joining: Gaara only please
Location: Miku's home then to the park
Time: Mid afternoon
Recap: Having a conversation a while ago about going to the park with Gaara, she still hasn't heard from him about whether he still wanted to go.
Warnings: Nothing really.
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Joining: Hyuuga Kanau, Akemmi (hopefully), otherwise open.
Location: It changes...places in Konoha. ^^;;
Time: Early morning
Recap: Kotone's on her way to meet her team mates for training when she gets delayed...
Warnings: None, just humour,really.

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Come Get Some

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Joining:  Naruto
Location: Right in front of the Konoha Hotel, heading toward Korean BBQ
Time: Mid-Afternoon
Recap:  Temari has asked Naruto out on a date. She met him at the beach and now they've slipped away to go on their date alone.

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Location: Konoha Inn and then at the nearest lakeside.
Time: From morning till however long everyone can stand each other~
Recap: Aida finally puts her plan to gather information on Gaara into motion- too bad for her she doesn't realize that the Kazekage has never really had a type. Anyone and everyone Aida and Matsuri have met are invited along, of course- so... let's get this (beach)party started~!

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Tch... As IF...!

Joining: OPEN
Location: A large lake somewhere outside Konoha in the midst of the Fire Country.
Time: Afternoon, almost dusk
Recap: Ino's just gotten done with a mission rounding up a ninja (who was obviously an ameteaur) that had been stealing goods from various places

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Joining: Closed~ I think.. o_O..
 Location: Random street in Konoha
Time: Late, late night
Recap: The cat had found herself extremely restless. She had never found such a hospitable village - it didn't make sense inside her mind so.. Ponder-time!
Warnings: Swearing, I guess.

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Forlorn Shiz

Ramen for two

Joining: Naruto and Shizune, closed
Location: Ichiraku's
Time: late afternoon, ending of the "workday"
Recap: Shizune drops in for some take-out on her way home, only to run into the fox-boy she's been worried about.
Warnings: PG-ish, I suppose

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