Takada Kotone (ko_to_ne) wrote in konoha_rpg,
Takada Kotone

Joining: Hyuuga Kanau, Akemmi (hopefully), otherwise open.
Location: It changes...places in Konoha. ^^;;
Time: Early morning
Recap: Kotone's on her way to meet her team mates for training when she gets delayed...
Warnings: None, just humour,really.

  Kotone was dressed in her usual ninja gear, cheerfully humming as she walked along the cobbled path. She was on her way to meet her team mates for training, and she was looking forward to meeting them. It felt as if she hadn't seen them for ages, Kotone thought. Of course, it didn't really help that she'd most likely have her head handed to her on a platter when sparring with the two...

...She was of the opinion she was better than most,anyway. Continuing on her merry way to the training grounds, she halted abruptly. Did she just hear the words "For the love of Kanau-sama"?

Dear lord. Not again. 

She broke into a frantic run, hearing the thudding of footsteps behind her. The smile Kotone had on her face was an irritated one, as she turned around and spotted the whole crowd of fangirls. Honestly, they were scarier than enemy ninja when they were jealous. And they didn't know how to fight,too-!

Nearly crashing into a wall, she skidded to a stop, turning around. She realized she'd backed herself into an alley, and that the rabid fangirls were blocking the only way out. I'll miss you, Mi-chan, Satoshi-nii, Ake-nee.....

Kami-sama, someone save me.

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