anbuakemmi (anbuakemmi) wrote in konoha_rpg,

Why ANBU hate hospitals.

 Joining: Open.
Location: On the way out of Konoha Hospital.
Time: Early afternoon.
Recap: After another typical mission Akemmi is condemned to visit and revisit the dreaded medics.
Warnings: Possible language. 

It was one of those days where, unless you sported an umbrella twice your size, you would no doubt be entirely soaked. Most tried in vain to keep dry and scattered about like mice searching for cover. Others gave the sky disdainful looks and went on. And very few (read: Akemmi) didn't even bother and let the rain soak through hair, clothes, and bandages.

Just to spite that sadistic excuse of a medic.

It wasn't that Akemmi hated medics, no, she'd been best friends with one, she lived with one, she didn't hate medics. They hated her.

All the medics she knew were tired of her injuries, tired of shinobi injuries in general, and they liked to take it out on her. Or so she thought.

Something about ANBU being danger prone. Well, neither her nor her broken collar bone knew anything about that.

Occupied with her unhappy internal rant about violent blonde medics she nearly ran into someone, but that would not be fitting for a proper kunoichi. Some quick footwork and a turn to the side and she found herself on the other side of her would-be collision. 

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