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Tch... As IF...!

Joining: OPEN
Location: A large lake somewhere outside Konoha in the midst of the Fire Country.
Time: Afternoon, almost dusk
Recap: Ino's just gotten done with a mission rounding up a ninja (who was obviously an ameteaur) that had been stealing goods from various places

Finishing with a roundhouse kick from above she sent the nin into a tree, wiping the blood on her sandal in the grass she sneered at the enemy. "My goodness~ That was easier than I expcted." She wiped her own lip with an exhausted sgh. Walking over to him she inspected his hair, "Ugh... all these spilt ends... honestly... and look at these clothes..." She looked at them, taking a sudden interest in the jacket. "OOo! That's cute!" Taking it off him carefully she looked warily at him, as if he might stir from the movement from his unconciousness. Placing it on she walked over to the lake and admired her reflection.

"This loooks soooo much better on me?" She giggled, she hadn't had time for much fashion lately, since she'd been training and the flower shop and such. So she indulged herself a little as she modeled it in the lake's reflection. She sighed, suddenly a little depressed, placing her hand on her cheek, "You're attractive... so why don't you have a boyfriend yet? Huh?" Sapphire eyes blended in with the lake's clear color, "Maybe you're personality just sucks..." After a pause and she placed a hand on her hip. "Uuuggghh... this isn't like you Ino! Just forget it!" With a scoff she walked over dragging the man back to the village. But then looking up at the sky she decided against it. "It's almost night," She looked down at the unconcious offender, "I guess he can wait." With another giggled she tied him up, legs and arms and hands while she readied her tent.

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