kikaichu_vessel (kikaichu_vessel) wrote in konoha_rpg,

Joining: Yukiji CLOSED
Location: Riverbank near the red bridge
Time: Evening Sunset-ish
Recap: Shino is watching the water bugs waiting for the fireflies to come out.
Warnings: Bugs, might possibly be educational.

The Cicada were loud in the trees near where Shino sat. It had been a long day of training. Even the Kikaichu were tired as he leaned against a tree silently watching the water bugs glide across the surface of the stream supported by nothing more than simple surface tension. The first of the fireflies of the night were coming out, but it was still to bright for them to truly be noticeable. When people were not disturbing them, it was amazing the number of insects, even here inside the village. Spiders wove their webs, ants moved like miniature armies, beetles in every size shape and form wandered the village. The sound of cicada was dimming, summer was becoming autumn and soon the cicada would be gone for another year. Until then, Shino silently watched the insects as they went about their instinctual duty, knowing somehow that soon it would be the cold of winter.

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