Tsunade (sure_bet) wrote in konoha_rpg,

Joining: Naruto and Hinata
Location: Hokage's Office
Time: Early one morning a day or two after all the Uchiha Drama
Recap: Naruto wanted a mission?  Naruto is getting a mission! And who better to help with it then the quite Hyuuga girl?
Warnings: None yet. Other then Naruto better watch his mouth in front of a lady XD

Ok... so things in the village were a mess right now.  A big mess.  She had three jinchuuriki, two Uchiha, and possibly one old teammate she did NOT want to catch up with running around in or around the place. Not to mention the threat of possible attack in the near future.  And Naruto... poor Naruto had already taken a beating. Several of them apparently.  So when he had come to her, asking for a mission, for some time away, how could she say no?  And besides, it's not like there weren't plenty of requests sitting on her desk, waiting for someone to fulfill them.

Tsunade had taken her time trying to find the perfect mission, something that would get him away from the troubles of the village, but keep him close enough to still keep him safe from Akatsuki. It would also bring him back in time for what she had planned. At least it would, if he hurried up and got here. And where was Hinata?  Usually she would have been here by now.  The Hokage wondered if she would have to have a talk with Hiashi about keeping her shinobi away from their civil duties.  With a sigh she got back to her paperwork, sorting through the other requests as she waited for the teenagers  to arrive.
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